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Learning through talk

This module

  • considers the ways in which talk can promote learning in the classroom
  • examines potential problems and solutions
  • looks at ways in which groups can be organised to help promote talk for learning
  • demonstrates the dynamics of group discussion.

Downloadable materials

Learning through talk trainer's handbook

Learning through talk objectives OHT


Benefits of talk

An activity to examine the potential benefits of speaking activities while allowing participants to experience for themselves a learning activity which has depended on talk

Downloadable materials

Benefits of talk trainer's notes

Benefits of talk handout

Benefits of talk: key handout

Problems with talk

An activityto help participants identify potential problems with talk in the classroom and to find solutions for these.

Downloadable materials

Problems with talk trainer's notes

Problems with talk handout

Problems with talk: solutions handout

Organising groups

An activity to help participants focus on the range of factors which can be used for organising children into groups for different learning purposes.

Downloadable materials

Organising groups trainer's notes

Organising groups handout

Organising groups: key handout

Ball of string

An activity to help participants focus on the importance of making sure that everyone is included in group activities. This game works well with both adults and children.

Downloadable materials

Ball of string trainer's notes

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