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Learning to write

This module

  • looks at developmental aspects of learning to write
  • considers models of bilingualism which help us to understand what happens when children learn to write in a second language
  • explores aspects of text which support children learning to write a second language.

Downloadable materials

Learning to write trainer's handbook

Learning to write objectives OHT


The writing continuum

An activity to familiarise participants with the different developmental stages in learning to read

Downloadable materials

The writing continuum trainer’s notes

The writing continuum OHT

Emergent writing OHT

Experimental writing OHT

Early writing OHT

Conventional writing OHT

The writing continuum matching criteria handout

The writing continuum matching criteria: key OHT

Bilingualism and learning to write

This topic explores theories of bilingualism in relation to writing

Downloadable materials

Literacy and bilingualism trainer's notes

Literacy and bilingualism quiz OHT

Theories of bilingualism OHT

Iceberg OHT

Literacy: transferable skills OHT

Literacy and bilingualism quiz: key handout

Writing in two languages quiz

An activity to explore and, if necessary, challenge participants’ assumptions about writing in two languages

Downloadable materials

Writing in two languages quiz trainer’s notes

Writing in two languages quiz OHT

Writing in two languages quiz key handout

Emergent literacy

An activity to raise participants’ awareness of early literacy and challenge any myths

Downloadable materials

Emergent literacy trainer’s notes

Emergent literacy quiz handout

Emergent literacy quiz: key handout

Early memories of reading and writing

An activity encourage participants to reflect on their own early literacy experiences so that they can identify approaches which are likely to motivate young children.

Downloadable materials

Early memories of reading and writing trainer’s notes

Early memories of reading and writing handout

Family and literacy

An activity to help participants understand and value the role that family and community members can play in children’s literacy development.

Downloadable materials

Family and literacy trainer’s notes

Family and literacy handout

Family and literacy key handout

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