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Learning an additional language

This module

  • explores the developmental nature of second language learning
  • considers ways in which second language learning is different from first language acquisition
  • explores theories of language learning with obvious implications for multilingual classrooms
  • reminds participants of what it is like to be a beginner language learner.

Downloadable materials

Learning an additional language trainer's handbook

Learning an additional language: objectives


First language acquisition

An activity to help participants think about first language acquisition

Downloadable materials

First language acquisition trainers notes

First language acquisition quiz OHT

First language acquisition summary of research handout

Stages in first language acquisition

An activity to draw participants’ attention to the developmental nature of first language acquisition and make parallels between these stages in English (additional language) and in the first languages of participants.

Downloadable materials

Stages in first language acquisition teacher’s notes

Stages in first language acquisition activity

Theories of language learning

An activity to familiarise participants with some theories of language learning

Downloadable materials

Theories of language learning trainer’s notes

Theories of language learning OHT

Comprehensible input OHT

Affective filter OHT

Theories of language learning handout

Language learning quiz

An activity to emphasise the developmental nature of learning and to explore and, where necessary, challenge participants’ assumptions about language learning.

Downloadable materials

Language learning quiz trainer’s notes

Stages in learning an additional language OHT

Language learning quiz OHT

Language learning quiz handout

A lesson in clunkclickish

An activity to:

  • remind participants of what it feels like in a classroom where they don’t speak the language
  • explore which approaches are most helpful in this situation
  • reinforce understanding of the theory of comprehensible input and the affective filter theory.

Downloadable materials

A lesson in Clunkclickish trainer’s notes

Theories of language learning handout

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