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Language, culture and identity

This module explores the

  • significance of language, culture and identity
  • uses of markers of identity and stereotypes
  • dangers of markers of identity and stereotypes
  • importance of understanding and countering prejudice.

Downloadable materials

Language, culture and identity trainer's handbook

Language, culture and identity objectives OHT


Language and prejudice

An activityto look at how prejudice develops in and affects young children.

Downloadable materials

Lang of prejudice trainer’s notes

Language of prejudice research findings handout

Prejudice and childhood OHT

Prejudice and childhood key handout

What do we share?

A good icebreaker, which also helps people to think about identity by pointing out that we have things in common with each other as well differences.

Downloadable materials

What do we share trainer’s notes

Markers of identity OHT

What do we share activity


An activity to help participants understand how stereotypes work and why teachers need to be aware of the dangers of stereotyping children and their families.

Downloadable materials

Stereotypes trainer’s notes

Right face for the job activity

Stereotypes OHT

Language biographies

To make participants think about their own patterns of language use and the links between language, culture and identity. 

Downloadable materials

Language biographies trainer’s notes

Language biographies activity

Patterns of language OHT

Language, culture and identity OHT


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