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Learning to read

This module

  • looks at developmental aspects of learning to read
  • considers models of bilingualism which help us to understand what happens when children learn to read in a second language
  • explores aspects of text which support children learning to read a second language

Downloadable materials

Learning to read trainer's handbook

Learning to read objectives OHT


The reading continuum

An activity to familiarise participants with the different developmental stages in learning to read.

Downloadable materials

The reading continuum trainer’s notes

The reading continuum OHT

The reading continuum handout

The reading continuum handout: key OHT

Bilingualism and learning to read

This topic explores theories of bilingualism in relation to reading.

Downloadable materials

Literacy and bilingualism trainer’s notes

Literacy and bilingualism quiz OHT

Theories of bilingualism OHT

Iceberg OHT

Literacy: transferable skills OHT

Reading and bilingualism quiz: key handout

Emergent literacy

An activity to raise participants’ awareness of early literacy and challenge any myths.

Downloadable materials

Emergent literacy trainer’s notes

Emergent literacy quiz handout

Emergent literacy quiz: key handout

Early memories of reading and writing

An activity encourage participants to reflect on their own early literacy experiences so that they can identify approaches which are likely to motivate young children.

Downloadable materials

Early memories of reading and writing trainer’s notes

Early memories of reading and writing handout

The trhee ltitle pgis

An activity to demonstrate how when we read, we do not decode each word, letter by letter.

Downloadable materials

The trhee ltitle pgis activity trainer’s notes

The trhee ltitle pgis activity OHT

Learning to read in another language

An activity designed

  • to remind participants of how it feels to read a story in an unfamiliar language
  • the kinds of strategies the reader needs to use
  • the kind of support the teacher can offer.

Downloadable materials

Welsh story activity trainer’s notes

Welsh story activity handout

Reading aloud

An activity to help participants realise the importance of regular reading aloud to children and to explore strategies for reading aloud.

Downloadable materials

Reading aloud trainer’s notes

Reading aloud OHT

Advantages of read aloud handout

Advantages of read aloud key

How to read aloud handout

Family and literacy

An activity to help participants understand and value the role that family and community members can play in children’s literacy development.

Downloadable materials

Family and literacy trainer’s notes

Family and literacy handout

Family and literacy key handout

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