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This module

  • provides an understanding of theories of bilingualism
  • explores participants’ attitudes towards bilingualism
  • challenges myths about multilingualism.

Downloadable materials

Multilingualism trainer's handbook

Multilingualism objectives OHT


Advantages of multilingualism

An activity to explore participants’ attitudes towards multilingualism.

Downloadable materials

Advantages of multilingualism trainer’s notes

Advantages of multilingualism OHT

Multilingualism OHT

Multilingualism quiz

An activity to explore participants’ attitudes towards multilingualism and challenge some important myths.

Downloadable materials

Multilingualism quiz trainer’s notes

Multilingualism quiz OHT

Multilingualism quiz key handout

Theories of bilingualism OHT

Language biographies

To make participants think about their own patterns of language use and the links between language, culture and identity. 

Downloadable materials

Language biographies trainer’s notes

Language biographies handout

Patterns of language OHT

Language, culture and identity OHT

Models of education in multilingual societies

An activity to help participants understand the arguments for and against the use of mother tongue education and to familiarise themselves with the different models of educational provision in multilingual societies.

Downloadable materials

Models of education trainer’s notes

Arguments against the mother tongue in education OHT

Arguments for the mother tongue in education OHT

Mother tongue based bilingual education OHT

Models of education handout

Models of education key handout

Advantages of multilingualism OHT

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