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Training for Early Literacy Learning


This module explores

  • the ways in which people read and write different languages for different purposes
  • the use of other languages in the print environment
  • problems concerning terminology
  • the notion of transferable skills
  • ways of supporting children’s reading and writing in other languages.

Downloadable materials

Multiliteracies trainer's handbook

Multiliteracies objectives OHT


Emergent literacy Quiz

An activity to raise participants’ awareness of early literacy and challenge any myths.

Downloadable materials

Emergent literacy trainer’s notes

Emergent literacy quiz handout

Emergent literacy quiz: key handout

Early memories of reading and writing

An activity encourage participants to reflect on their own early literacy experiences so that they can identify approaches which are likely to motivate young children.

Downloadable materials

Early memories of reading and writing trainer’s notes

Early memories of reading and writing handout

Languages are thieves

An activity to demonstrate that all languages borrow words to help express new needs and concepts.

Downloadable materials

Languages are thieves trainer’s notes

Languages are thieves handout

Languages are thieves OHT

Finding the right words

An activity to explore what happens when people begin to expand the uses of languages that have not been widely used in writing.

Downloadable materials

Finding the right words trainer’s notes

Finding the right words handout

Different kinds of reading and writing

An activity to help participants to think about our own uses for reading and writing.

Downloadable materials

Different kinds of reading and writing trainer’s notes

Different kinds of reading and writing handout

Culture of literacy OHT

Languages of print

An activity to draw attention to the languages of print and the implications for literacy learning.

Downloadable materials

Languages of print trainer’s notes

Print environments OHT

Languages of print handout

Family and literacy

An activity to help participants understand and value the role that family and community members can play in children’s literacy development.

Downloadable materials

Family and literacy trainer’s notes

Family and literacy activity

Family and literacy key handout

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